Allergies & Sinusitis

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Nosebleeds are fairly common given the prominence of the nose on the face, as well as the rich network of capillaries contained within it. These make the nose susceptible to trauma and injury which may result in nosebleeds. Other factors include changes in weather, dry air, allergies, repeated nose blowing, or sinus infections.

In most cases, nosebleeds can be treated by the patient with no need for professional medical care. When experiencing a nosebleed, patients should lean their head forward and pinch the nostrils together from about 10 minutes. Once bleeding stops, it is important to avoid sneezing or blowing the nose for the next 24 hours. If these techniques do not stop the bleeding, it is important to seek medical attention in order to prevent serious complications.

Cauterization is an effective treatment for chronic nosebleeds that involves burning the nose with an electrical device to close off part of the nose and prevent future bleeding. Patients who experience chronic nosebleeds often have an exposed blood vessel in the nose. By closing off this blood vessel, most patients will experience a significantly lower amount of nosebleeds, with some experiencing complete relief.

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