Chronic Nasal Polyps

Innovation that may help you breathe easier

SINUVA? is a treatment for nasal polyps and may be an alternative to sinus surgery and other treatment options

Nasal polyps are inflammatory growths along the lining of the nasal passages that can occur in patients suffering from chronic sinusitis. The symptoms of chronic sinusitis include nasal discharge, congestion, facial pain, and a loss of sense of smell.

SINUVA is a sinus implant that treats nasal polyps without surgery. Offering a non-surgical procedure for patients who suffer from repeat nasal polyps with SINUVA (mometasone furoate) Sinus Implant. SINUVA is proven to reduce polyps and nasal congestion and obstruction.

The most common adverse reactions observed in a clinical trial were bronchitis, upper respiratory or middle ear infection, headache, light-headedness, asthma and nose bleed. SINUVA is indicated for adults with nasal polyps who have had ethmoid sinus surgery.

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